Maison Masjid Canada (M.M.C) is a Registered Canadian Charity non-profit organization under Canada Revenue Agency authority based in Montreal-Quebec . It strictly contributes to the coexistence between Communities to build a better society, promote the integration of Community into their new society by providing the true values of Canadian culture which are peace, generosity, sharing, nonviolence, spirit of Tolerance and coexistence between Communities. Also we do teach young children to read and understand the Religious books such as the Koran, Bible, Tora; Encourage dialogue among communities; Helping Canadian families for reconciliation.

Receive gifts, legacies and other similar contributions in money, securities or real estate, administer such gifts, bequests and contributions, organize fund-raising campaigns in order to raise funds for charitable purposes.

Purpose: Provides religious and educational services for our community in Montreal.

MAISON MASJID CANADA (MMC) iprovides religious and educational services in our locality community in Montreal.

Education: In view of the importance and need of knowledge and its practice in the daily life, MMC has made great efforts towards the learning of the holy Religious Books and its comprehensive understanding. Currently the program of instructions involves reading, memorizing and understanding the Holy Books. The history of Religion and its rapid expansion, along with its application and acceptance in varied cultures and environments throughout the globe, are specially emphasized. The purpose is to install and strengthen the identity in all environments. In order to equip children with sound knowledge of the fundamentals of Religion, regular classes are held from Friday to Monday every week. 

Board Members:

  • Eidseif Mbonabuca: President
  • Leopold Nzobonimpa: Vice President
  • Amara Kaba: Secretary and Treasorer
  • Djenabadbe Kone: Administrator
  • Mamoudou Kaba: Administrator